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"I'm a Trini girl from Montreal. Passionate about changing my life and helping others. Committed to assisting others in building their career or business by being proactive with their mental health practices, which is an honourable pursuit."



We provide a wealth of resources to help you grow your career and business, including weekly blogs, an E-Channel, and our "Figuring Shit Out Fast" Podcast. We also offer online and in-person training programs worldwide. We aim to inspire you to pursue your dreams, prioritize your mental well-being, and take action towards achieving your goals.

Here are a few ways I might be able to help.

  • Are you dreaming of starting a business but feel you lack the qualifications, funds, or knowledge to make it happen? Don't worry, as I can assist you in achieving your dream business by providing you with a clear path to success. 

  • Do you have unique talents, ideas, or creations, but anxiety and stress are holding you back from achieving your dreams? Let me be your guide and help you find success by overcoming those challenges. 

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by leading others? Don't worry; I'm here to help you regain control of your time and find career fulfillment. Let me support you through the challenges of long hours, stress, and inflexibility.


I can relate to the challenges of achieving success. I started my first business at age 22 without any special advantages, such as a fancy education at that time, lots of money, or connections, and I still managed to make my first six figures.

The Full Story

Growing up in Montreal with my aunt, uncle, and cousins was a fantastic experience. My Aunt Ann was always there for me, especially since my mother was not around.


I learned how to be resourceful at a young age, and I even came up with my own definition for being resourceful - "Figuring Shit Out Fast!" I have been using this skill to succeed in my career and business ventures, and I am confident you can use these strategies to achieve your goals, too.

Earlyn Sharpe leadership, coaching, business

"Figuring Shit Out Fast!"

"Figuring Shit Out Fast" is my mantra for a happy, emotionally fit, and fulfilling life with abundant freedom.

Life does not happen to us, but it happens for us. It offers endless opportunities for exploration, accomplishment, transformation, and surpassing. The key to unlocking these possibilities is your unwavering determination to work hard and actualize your goals.

I aim to help you cultivate a positive outlook on life and provide the necessary tools and motivation to achieve your goals. You can rely on me to support you at every step.

The potential of humans has always fascinated me. I often ponder about the crucial aspects that contribute to genuine happiness, success, and creative fulfillment. Moreover, I am curious to know why some individuals thrive despite adversities while others find it challenging to cope.

Mental Health Coaching, Montreal

I have a diverse range of interests that may seem unrelated. These include writing, hip-hop, psychology, entrepreneurship, creativity, fashion, home decor, spirituality, fitness, and philanthropy.

When I was 22, I started my first business and later pursued graduate studies in education, leadership, and psychology. Despite being an educator for 16 years, I established four more successful ventures. While I held a leadership role in a corporate setting, I found adapting to the corporate culture challenging without compromising my individuality. This caused me anxiety, but I soon realized that my unique blend of skills and interests was a valuable asset. This realization helped me succeed as an entrepreneur, and along the way, I experienced exponential growth and achieved corporate success.

I sense that you are here because you share a similar feeling.

In today's world, it's important to be true to yourself if you want to succeed.

Your identity comprises your unique qualities, such as talents, humour, and compassion. In today's world, it's essential to have a creative and entrepreneurial mindset to achieve personal growth, success, and happiness, even if you don't own a business.


You have the right to flourish and thrive and deserve nothing less. You can transform your life and impact the world despite challenges or obstacles.

Education Bachelor Program, leadership
Women at work, business, professional

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by CBC News regarding the highly successful launch of the Bachelor of Education program. This program was specifically designed for First Nation and Inuit students, and I am proud to say that I was the driving force behind this crucial initiative.

During one of my personal development conferences, I delivered a presentation on achieving your dreams, goals, and desires. I discussed how to live a life of excellence that aligns with your purpose.

Leadership Seminar, Conference, Online training

I presented on Effective Leadership for Indigenous Leaders at the Idspire Annual Gathering alongside my co-presenter. We discussed various leadership strategies and resources the attendees could use with their staff. The response from the audience was overwhelmingly positive, and we were warmly welcomed.

My mission is to expand my knowledge and gain a holistic understanding that can assist professionals and entrepreneurs alike in discovering the true essence of living a fulfilling and innovative life by improving their mental health.

This prompts me to communicate with you.

I am entirely devoted to serving you. Our company is fueled by love and an unrelenting desire to achieve greatness and make an unstoppable positive impact.

Our goal is to positively impact your life by offering free content, online training programs, and other valuable resources that can help you achieve true happiness. We are committed to assisting you in obtaining phenomenal mental fitness, building your business or finding a career path that suits your specific needs, allowing you to lead an exceptional life.

Leadership professional development, Montreal

If you're starting a new business, growing your existing one or making changes to your personal life, we're here to help you achieve your full creative potential and connect with your innermost wisdom. Our aim is to assist you in reaching your goals and fulfilling your potential.

As a business, we take pride in selling our products. However, we provide you with most of our creative work at no cost, which we do with pleasure and gratitude.

I am not perfect and sometimes struggle with fear and self-doubt, just like everyone else.

"I want to share my experience and knowledge with you without pretense or falsehood. Don't expect me to use flowery language; I prefer straightforward communication. However, you can expect thought-provoking ideas, timeless insights, occasional humour, and an unwavering dedication to helping you lead a fulfilling, expressive, and purpose-driven life."

Thank you for your attention thus far. Creating a strong connection is essential, and I am committed to achieving it. Our Elevate Elite group is an excellent way to keep in touch and share more about yourself.

To sign up, kindly provide your name and email address below.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

With lots of love,


Women in Leadership, professional, business
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